Problem Description

"HOR!! You want jacket or you want me ><" Rar the Cat asks.
"Me jacket" His beloved girlfriend answers.

Rar the Cat is devastated. Really? Does a jacket have more worth than him? Determined to find out the true answer, Rar the Cat sneaks into his girlfriend's house during her sleep, and records down everything she says in her sleep, to determine her true thoughts. However, due to his horrible note-taking skills, he is only able to take down a long string of upper-case letters! Help Rar the Cat figure out his worth by counting the number of times "RANALD" and "JACKET" appears in the string of letters. If there are more "JACKET"s than "RANALD"s, output "JACKET" to indicate that the jacket is more important. Else, output "RANALD".


The input will consist of one upper-case string, the one that Rar the Cat took down.


Your output should be either "JACKET" or "RANALD", according the number of times it appears in the long string.


Subtask 1 (30%): Length of string will always be less than 1,000 characters.
Subtask 2 (70%): Length of string will always be less than 10,000,000 characters.

Sample Input 1


Sample Output 1