Problem Description

Jiahai is eating potatoes for lunch today! Secretly, Jiahai has been a gourmet expert with regards to potatoes, and he often gives ratings on the deliciousness of a particular potato when he eats it.

Today, he is in the mood of rating potatoes, as he always is. Given an integer N ranging from 1 to 10, indicating Jiahai's rating of the potato he is currently eating, output the comment he should say based on the following rules:
- If his rating is less than 3, he will say "That's a terrible potato!"
- If his rating is from 3 to 5, he will say "That's a normal potato!"
- If his rating is from 6 to 8, he will say "That's a good potato!"
- If his rating is above 8, he will go crazy and scream "OMG POTATOES!!!"


The input will contain a single line with an integer N


Output a single line with the comment Jiahai will say based on his rating of the potato.
Your output should end with a newline.


1 <= N <= 10

Sample Input 1


Sample Output 1

That's a normal potato!